Pedal stool sink Designs For Bathroom And Kicthen

Pedal stool sink – sink is an element in some rooms, usually in kitchen or in a bathroom that used to wash something based on the position of the room. If it is in a kitchen it used to wash some fruits, vegetables, eating tools, and cooking tools. If it is in a bathroom it used to wash hand, nose, face, and other functions. The model of a sink is also can be chosen based on the place to put it. If it will be put in the kitchen, it usually completed with the cabinet and uses the model that is appropriate for it, such as farmhouse model or others. But, if it will be put in the bathroom, the simple sink design like pedal stool sink is very suitable.

Pedal stool sink is sink model that has the pole to hold the sink. Considering the design, it is very suitable to be put in a bathroom. The material for this sink is made of ceramics or stainless steel depends on the willingness to choose. The ceramics material is more usual for this model and gives strong effect of the sink itself, and looks more expensive and glamour. This kind of sink is usually completed by some elements such as mirror and small towel near the sink. There will be no pipe that shows in the front because of the pedal is used to flow the water.

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This kind of sink gives advantages for the owner to wash something easily and comfort. The color of the sink is also need to make the beautiful look of the sink. The size of this model is not much influence, because the functions are not as complex as the kitchen sink functions. We can easily find this kind of sink in a modern restaurant or food stall with the function usually is for washing the hands after eating.

Those are some information about pedal stool sink; the following are some pictures that will help you to choose the appropriate one for you. Wish this article will be useful for you. Thank you for keep reading.