Kitchen Without Upper Cabinets

kitchen with no upper cabinets – generally a kitchen design equipped with base cabinets and upper cabinets. The presence of both these cabinets will make your kitchen more spacious. In addition a growing number of increasingly great cabinets to store various equipment or kitchenware. For the size of a small kitchen are often equipped with base cabinets and upper cabinets.

For designing the kitchen with a spacious place then you can just put the base cabinets without upper cabinets. If you don’t have a lot of supplies and cooking utensils you simply add base cabinets only. However the design of the kitchen without upper cabinets are quite rare, but it could be one great idea for those of you who have vast room to the kitchen. As his successor, you can put an ornament or painting your kitchen in dining. In addition you can also add a lot of Windows in your kitchen so that your kitchen will look brighter.

Various models without kitchen cabinets you can choose your favorite suit. You can choose the base cabinets with wooden or metal material. In addition, you can also choose a different form of the design of your kitchen cabinets started from the L shape to the U-shaped. In addition to the image above, the picture below will also give you the choice of kitchen design with no upper cabinets that you like.

If you feel some of the designs above are quite attractive and beautiful as possible you need to share it on social media in the form of facebook, instagram, pinterest or otherwise. However if you plan to add the upper cabinets in the kitchen then you can try to read the article Wonderful Upper Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors. Thank you have been reading this article may be useful.